1) A one-sentence definition (understanding/perspectives/beliefs/opinions are also fine) on Web 2.0 by each group member (What do YOU think Web 2.0 is?).

2) One superb example of educational uses of these new tools on Web 2.0 in K-12 setting. You will work as a team, search internet, find and view a lot of class wikis created by others for their elementary and middles school classes, and then choose one that your group think is the best. You need to identify the content area (social studies, science, math, language arts...) and the grade level of the wiki you find. You also need to include a short paragraph describing why your group thinks this is a "superb" example.

3) A collection of resources - a minimum of 3 links (it can also be articles, resources about wiki) - on educational use of wikis, that you can use in your own teaching later.